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Post Tension Slab Falsework Install
Final Floor Falsework Setting Out
Lift Core Slipform
Emporium Concept Art
Pile Attendance
Luffer Crane Install
Concrete Frame
Clark Mulhern at The Emporium
Core Base Groundworks
Slipforming the Lift Core
Slipform Concrete Pour
Slipformed Lift Core
Slipformed Lift Core & Post Tension Slab Pour
7th Floor Post Tension Slab Pour
Post Tension Slab Pour
Post Tension
Emporium 3 Month Progress Comparison
Final Floor Falsework Setting Out 2

The Emporium, Birmingham

Customer : Shaylor Group

Duration : Programmed 46 weeks - Completed in 32 weeks

Project Value : £2m

Sector : Student Accommodation

A 15 storey concrete frame in Birmingham city centre for 184 student apartments, with a slip formed core, post tensioned slabs, and pre-cast columns & stairs with associated ground works and drainage.

Due to the site constraints, programme durations and overall cost saving on this project, we offered a value engineering slip form core construction solution. This saved over 8 weeks on the initial frame programme and we completed the core before the floors were required to start.

To assist with the frame construction and reduce the need for working at height, we precast the columns and stairs. Design was carried out

in-house by us and checked by the consulting project engineer.

At tender stage we proposed a value engineered post tension solution. This saved on reinforcement and concrete volume, and therefore cranage lifts. It also reduced the curing and striking periods by 2-3 days per floor.

We demolished the existing redundant structures, reduced dig, installed piling mat and attended to the piling contractor during their operations. We also designed, supplied and constructed the crane base along with the pile caps, ground beams, ground floor slab and associated drainage.

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