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Tank Wall Construction
Tank Walls Reinforcement & Shuttering
Inside of Tank
Tank Walls Reinforcement
Tank Roof Slab Pump Pour
Tank Base Reinforcement
Tank Base Slab Pour
Tank Roof Slab Falsework Installation
Tank Wall Pour
Finishing Roof Slab Surface
Tank Base Blinding
Tank Base Slab
Tank Base Construction
Installing Radial Column Formwork
Striking Radial Column Formwork
Tank Wall Formwork Striking
Tank Roof Falsework Installation
Fitting Falsework Pans
Concrete Pumping
Tank Roof Reinforcement Fixing
Tank Roof Slab Pour
Tank Base Setting Out

Barby D.S.R.,

Project: Barby Domestic Supply Reservoir

Customer: J N Bentley/Severn Trent Water

Construction of a 5 million litre domestic water tank for Severn Trent Water.
Concrete, steel fixing, formwork for base slab, wall up to 6m high, columns and roof slab.
Specialist radial column formwork with conical head.
Falsework deck 6m high for a 1,100 m² roof slab.

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